Training@home kata Tekki sandan


Hi everybody ! I invite you to follow this training which is mainly focused on the kata Tekki Sandan, with particular attention to the technical details and key points of the kata.
We are in a reduced space so the techniques are based on little displacement. The class is filmed in selfie mode, so everything you see on your screen is reversed.
The training is accessible to everyone, young people but also older people. This is my karate philosophy.
Thank you for being there with me and good training !
Oss ! 

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#nihonkaratekyokai#JapanKarateAssociation #karateathome #tekkisandan

A propos Salvatore Baldacchino

Je pratique le karate Shotokan J.K.A. depuis 1976. J'ai atteint le grade de 5ème Dan JKA et j'enseigne depuis 1998 à l'Ecole Shotokan Karate-Do J.K.A. Bubishi en Belgique.
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